Arranging funding for past projects has required that FourPoints executives sculpt a customized funding solution addressing the unusual needs of each project. Some of the unique requirements of these projects have included:

  • 110% funding (Included start-up, working capital, etc).
  • Requirements of Non-Recourse funding.
  • Utilization of unproven technology.
  • Revenue subject to annual government appropriation.
  • Market price risk
  • Unusual operating risks.
  • Unusual construction risks

While all these challenges might not be encountered in every project, these are examples of some of the issues that the executives of FourPoints have faced and overcome in facilitating development, construction and funding in the past.   Whether traditional debt financing, equity investments, or specialized public funding is sought, we pledge our historical focus and tenacity for each funding plan that we tackle for our clients.

What’s distinctive about our approach is our decades-deep real-world grounding in private, public and public-private partnerships and actual operations. This expertise from experience, places us in the optimal position to understand all of the financing tools at our clients’ disposal.  We consider every alternative objectively to help our clients decide what works best.

Our advice is never cookie-cutter. We never try to sell our clients a prescribed set of solutions, as many financial advisors may be incentivized to do. 

Funding Relationships

Most project funding plans are usually highly customized loans and/or investments. FourPoints has, and brings to each project, the funding relationships that fit those highly specialized needs. The FourPoints executives have each worked for more than 30 years with lenders, funders and investors of every type, developing relationships over years of cooperation and successful funding.

A team of experienced executives who each bring their unique skill, knowledge and scars, to find solutions for the development, construction, funding and operational needs of each Project.

Focus on funding

While we can’t guarantee that funding is always available, we can help you evaluate the many private and public alternative financing options.

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