The Contracting component of the Development Process requires more than just negotiating and executing agreements. The Contracting process starts with identifying the precise type of ‘partners’ that will be best for each project. While specific experience can be a key factor, other traits that may be part of selection criteria include:

  • Available capacity for the project
  • Geographic limitations
  • Financial stability
  • Technical expertise
  • Willingness to partner
  • Familiarity with project requirements

FourPoints, and its principals, have helped identify key participants in dozens of projects. This includes finding and engaging General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Specialty Vendors and Manufacturers, Suppliers, Off-take Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Regulatory/Permitting Consultants, Underwriters, Lenders, Investors, Factors, and others. FourPoints and its principals have a unique mix of project experience, an array of industry relationships and battle-earned practicality that they bring to bear when suggesting a new participant to a project.

After the right new contributor to the project is identified, vetted and included, the actual negotiation and contracting process can begin.

When negotiating agreements with participants in a complex project, FourPoints seeks to ensure that the positions and requirements of the key stakeholders are considered and included in the agreements. For example, lenders have very different formal appraisal requirements depending on whether the project is a loan or a lease arrangement. When engaging an appraiser for a project, those specific requirements need to be clearly stated, so that the resulting appraisal is precisely what that lender/stakeholder needs.

This broad scope inter-woven attention to detail is a key value that FourPoints brings to the contracting requirements of each project. FourPoints principals bring decades of successful contracting experience, and professional negotiating and contract drafting consultancy to the contracting process for every project. For example, the President of FourPoints (D. Hull Youngblood, Jr.) has published and delivered dozens of professional education presentations on Contract Drafting, Indemnity, Insurance, Letters of Intent, Boilerplate, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Risk Transfer Provisions and other contract drafting and risk management topics. Additionally, Mr. Youngblood is an Adjunct Lecturer on Contracts at Baylor School of Law.
FourPoints has the experience, background and credibility to work with counsel for its clients to insure that the contracting process is as efficient and value-driven as possible.

Funding Relationships

Most project funding plans are usually highly customized loans and/or investments. FourPoints has, and brings to each project, the funding relationships that fit those highly specialized needs. The FourPoints executives have each worked for more than 30 years with lenders, funders and investors of every type, developing relationships over years of cooperation and successful funding.

A team of experienced executives who each bring their unique skill, knowledge and scars, to find solutions for the development, construction, funding and operational needs of each Project.

Focus on funding

While we can’t guarantee that funding is always available, we can help you evaluate the many private and public alternative financing options.

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