There is more to a successful project than funding.

While the funding for a project can often be the critical component, the FourPoints team can bring more to a project than the resources for financing.

Having participated in different stages of dozens of varied projects, the FourPoints team has also developed decades of relationships with professionals and specialized vendors in the many other disciplines required for a successful project. These include:

Feasibility Analysts in many disciplines
Architects with significant design/build experience and specialty experience
Engineers in varied disciplines (environmental, industrial, construction mgt., etc.)
General Contactors with available bonding capacity
Industrial vendors and contractors with specialized skill
Design\Build Contractors that can meet\exceed funding requirements
Specialty Equipment Manufacturers (Security, Process Equipment, etc.)
Regulatory compliance consultants (permits, utilities, zoning, etc.)
Specialized Operators with documentable successful operation experience.




*The FourPoints team is focused on finding the precise resources needed for the widely varying requirements of each project.    Finding the precise participants needed for each discipline, to work together, is a key part of the service that FourPoints brings to every assignment.

Funding Relationships

Most project funding plans are usually highly customized loans and/or investments. FourPoints has, and brings to each project, the funding relationships that fit those highly specialized needs. The FourPoints executives have each worked for more than 30 years with lenders, funders and investors of every type, developing relationships over years of cooperation and successful funding.

A team of experienced executives who each bring their unique skill, knowledge and scars, to find solutions for the development, construction, funding and operational needs of each Project.

Focus on funding

While we can’t guarantee that funding is always available, we can help you evaluate the many private and public alternative financing options.

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