The three founders of FourPoints Project Resources (Steve Afeman CEO, Bob Hughes CFO and Hull Youngblood President) have spent most of their professional careers, directly or indirectly, focused on project development, funding, refunding construction and operations. They have worked together or with each other, in various capacities, over the last 20 years. In January 2015 they were separately recruited to assume the three key positions at a federal contracting company. For 2 ½ years they worked side-by-side as the triumvirate-in-charge, to turn around the failing operations. After resurrecting that company, the owners elected to sell it in April of 2017.

With their just-completed turn-around of an operations company, and successfully closing the funding, construction, start-up and operation of a $65,000,000 project for its owners, the three executives decided to forge together their experiences and seek out clients facing the type of development, funding, construction and operations issues, that these three executives had dealt with for so many years.

They created FourPoints Project Resources in September of 2017, and the following months were startling. With no advertising, convention booths, customized give-away-pens or the other standard marketing devices, FourPoints identified $3 billion in industrial environmentally-sustaining projects that needed funding, faced complex development hurdles, or required specialized team members in order to progress. Since that time, FourPoints has been approached by potential clients with an additional $4 billion in projects facing the same/similar issues.

FourPoints now has more than $2 billion in project funding/development/teaming engagements under contract, and is currently evaluating billions more in project funding, development and teaming arrangements.

The unprecedented success of FourPoints has been based upon the concentration of creative project problem solving experience found collectively in Steve Afeman(CEO), Hull Youngblood (President) and Bob Hughes (CFO). FourPoints can bring this creative, solution-oriented team to focus on your projects as well.

Funding Relationships

Most project funding plans are usually highly customized loans and/or investments. FourPoints has, and brings to each project, the funding relationships that fit those highly specialized needs. The FourPoints executives have each worked for more than 30 years with lenders, funders and investors of every type, developing relationships over years of cooperation and successful funding.

A team of experienced executives who each bring their unique skill, knowledge and scars, to find solutions for the development, construction, funding and operational needs of each Project.

Focus on funding

While we can’t guarantee that funding is always available, we can help you evaluate the many private and public alternative financing options.

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